Free WW2 lesson Plans and resources to support our 

Second World War Virtual workshop

These free Second World War topic plans compliment our virtual sessions for use either before or after the session.

They are all curriculum linked to the Second World War and Remembrance topic and range from writing tasks to research activities that will extend your pupils' learning way beyond the session.

The full set of resources that are covered below are unlocked when you book a session.

Generic resources for use with most virtual sessions

Morse Code Resources

Lessons relating to a fictional WW2 family (this is linked to our topic box hires but they can also be used to support the virtual sessions as we use the same artefacts)

Stanley (Dad)

Sarah (Mum)

rescue poem audio
00:00 / 02:22

Poem audio file

family from our WW2 writing box for schools

Albert and Grace (boy and girl)

Whole family or general WW2 teaching resources