Second World War virtual (writing-focused) primary workshop

Learn about a fictional family's journey through the blitz with a wide selection of

real WW2 artefacts and excellent supporting resources geared to maximise pupil writing 

"It hooked the children in to our half term's focus on WW2 exceptionally well and has brought the topic to life for them.

Not only that but we saw a huge improvement in their enthusiasm and writing!" - Sam, y5 teacher, London

Our Second World War virtual zoom primary workshop is a unique departure from our usual workshops in that as well as being a great history experience it is also based around a fictional WW2 family of a mum, dad and a boy and girl with a range of supporting lesson plans. 


This original approach allows us to explore exactly what family life would have been like in the Second World War for a similar family living in the the Blitz and adds a much greater depth that has been proven in many schools to have improved writing in both boys and girls.


Showing items that are all carefully chosen to match the characters (which you can also hire from our sister site such as an army cap, a blackout lamp, an evacuee suitcase and many other real WW2 artefacts, we look at each character alongside a timeline, all backed up by literacy-linked resources such as guided reading, writing exercises and even a full scheme of work that you can use in class either before or after the workshop.


In addition, and as per all our virtual history workshops, it also comes with FREE full access to our 360° rotatable views to got with those extensive lesson plans and activities on a dedicated website (which you get access to on booking this workshop).