Stone Age to Iron Age virtual primary workshop

Learn about the development of humankind via a range of real and replica artefacts 

"I just wanted to say thank you for the brilliant workshop about the Stone Age. Children really enjoyed it

being interactive because they were able to contribute their ideas or ask questions."

- Saadet, y3 teacher, Wandsworth

Our Stone Age to Iron Age virtual zoom primary workshop is a great way to learn all about the biggest time period covered in the Key Stage Two primary history curriculum. 

After a brief introduction when we discuss pupils existing knowledge, we quickly move on to an overview of each period using timeline cards to explain the key characteristics of the Paleolithic, the Mesolithic, the Neolithic and the Bronze and Iron Age periods. 

Areas covered include the development of early man, the Ice Age and the effect it had on human lives, the migration of humans into Britain, the Doggerland "land bridge", Stone Age beasts and much more!

This is all illustrated with a range of artefacts such as a variety of genuine flint tools, hand made replica items such as axes, antler tools and a bronze axe, more thought provoking items such as a "pot boiler" that people used to boil food and even REAL BONES and other items from a Mammoth, a Woolly Rhino and a Cave Bear!

As per a lot of our virtual history workshops, it also comes with FREE full access to our 360° rotatable views and extensive lesson plans and activities on a dedicated website (which you get access to on booking this workshop).