Roman Britain virtual primary workshop

Learn about the key events of Roman Britain and what it was like to be a real Roman soldier

"I absolutely loved how you got the children involved, even through a screen! The lesson very

much had the feel of an in-person workshop even though it was on zoom." Mrs Carling, y3 teacher, Yorkshire

Our Roman Britain virtual primary workshop is a great opportunity to see what it was like to be a real Roman soldier as we look at a range of replica items and even try some of them on for size! 

As per all our history workshops the session is structured around a timeline of key events in the topic, from Caesar's abandoned invasion of 54-53 BC, through Boudicca's revolt, the building of Hadrian's wall and Celtic rebellions right through to 410 AD when the Romans left Britain.

Using a set of equipment that he usually carries and wears when delivering in-person visits to schools (if you live in the North West you can check the in-person version out here) Mr B takes the pupils through the difficulties of a soldier's life, the noise of battle and many more aspects of a soldier's day to day survival far away from sunny Rome.  

In addition, and as per all our virtual history workshops, it also comes with FREE full access to our 360° rotatable views to go with those extensive lesson plans and activities on a dedicated website (which you get access to on booking this workshop).