Rocks and Fossils (or y6 Evolution)  virtual primary workshop

Learn how rocks and fossils are formed and about the development of

life on Earth with a range of rare fossils explored under a microscope

"The Megaladon tooth was amazing!" - Y4 boy, Liverpool  "I loved seeing the fossils under a microscope!" - Y6 girl, Kent

Our Rocks and fossils / y6 Evolution workshop is one of our most popular for the big "WOW!" moments as we look at the rare fossils and minerals under a microscope, which you can also hire from our sister site to further enhance pupil learning.

Depending on whether it is the straight rocks and fossils workshop or the y6 Evolution version, the workshop takes a different route through the development of the Earth and all its myriad lifeforms albeit it with the same amazing rocks and fossils, whether that be an explanation of the different rock types in the rocks and fossils version or a full explanation of Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution.

Featured minerals include iron pyrite, crystalised bismuth (a stunning blue square cystal) and the ultra soft gypsum, while fossils include a Megalodon tooth, 10,000 year old trapped insects and even a cross section of a dinosaur bone showing it's bone marrow!

In addition, and as per all our virtual history workshops, it also comes with FREE full access to our 360° rotatable views and extensive lesson plans and activities on a dedicated website (which you get access to on booking this workshop).

Watch two of our many fossil "WOW!" moments!