Incredible Inventions / Victorian Inventions STEM virtual workshop

Learn about the early development of 4 incredible inventions and their impact on human life

"I enjoyed how we got to look at all the cool inventions.  It was really fun and I liked the train bit."" - Y3 girl, Watford 

"I loved the Morse Code!" - Y5 girl, Leeds

Our Incredible Inventions / Victorian Inventions virtual workshop allows pupils an insight into what life was like in the prolific Victorian period of inventions and how 4 amazing devices laid the foundation for the modern inventions that we use now such as mobile phones, modern cameras, railway travel and music players.

Designed to be either Victorians-focused or simply with a general STEM/Science/DT focus, Mr B takes the pupils on a journey through the Rainhill trials, won by Stephenson's Rocket in 1829, with a detailed model created for the 150th anniversary in 1979. He then conducts a live morse code session with a real telegraph machine, plays a real Edison Phonograph and shows a range of Victorian cameras with the aid of a micrscope. 

This is a great workshop whatever your needs, whether that is a one-off look at how things are made or a deeper delve into Victorian life!

Please note that while no 360° views are available for this due to the size of the items, the lesson plans are still available on our dedicated planning website when you book the workshop.