Full schemes of works and lesson plans written by Mr B, an experienced and qualified state and private sector primary teacher 

Full schemes of works and lesson plans written by Mr B, an experienced and qualified state and private sector primary teacher 

Frequently Asked Questions

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duration, content and curriculum relevance

Q: How long does each session last?

A: 50 minutes.

Q: How many classes can you teach at one time?

A: All our sessions are for single classes only as this is the best way to keep the interaction and learning of a high quality as if it was being taught in the classroom. For multiple classes therefore you need to book several sessions.

Q: Are the sessions linked to the National Curriculum?

A: Yes, all sessions target the key objectives for the topic and often cover much more besides.

Q: Who delivers the sessions?

A: All the sessions are currently delivered by Darren Birchall, a qualified state and private primary school teacher with over 20 years teaching experience and the Managing Director of our parent company Balestra Education Ltd.

TECHNICAL: software and security

Q: Which software do you use and is it secure?

A: We use zoom as we have a premium subscription which allows us certain features and better integration with all our equipment. It also has excellent security features which you can view here on the official zoom site.

Q: Can you use other software that we have installed such as MS teams?

A: Generally no as the features are limited and they don't always work as well with our equipment such as the microscope. However this is under constant review so contact us here if you want to see the current status. 

Q: What happens if we have connection or audio visual problems that prevent the session from going ahead?

A: We can normally get around most common problems but if not, you will be offered either another session or a full refund.

before and after the sessions and invoice payment 

Q: How should we prepare for the session?

A: Just do your normal teaching and that will be fine.  Darren is accustomed to adapting the content to whatever stage you are at in the topic.

Q: How do I access the additional content such as the 360°  views and lesson plans?

A: This is on a separate website and you will be emailed a link before your session for this, which you can then access for the rest of the academic year.

Q: how do we pay the invoice?

A: The invoice will be emailed to the school office contact no later than a week before the session with 30 days payment terms.

Q: Is there a cancellation fee if we have to cancel the session?

A: At the time of writing (in February 2021 during the Covid lockdown) there is no cancellation fee.  However as things return to normal there may be a partial fee for short notice cancellations - please contact us here to find out the current status.


Creating a safe learning environment

Q: Do you have a safeguarding policy?

A: Yes, please contact us here to ask for a copy.

Q: What steps have you taken to ensure the sessions are safe for pupils to access?

A: This is a matter we take very seriously and as such we have taken the following actions:

- secure software is used (see the "Technical" section)

- sessions are usually only ever delivered to a school classroom and always with a teacher or supervising adult present.  However, if pupils are required to join from home (e.g. during the covid-19 lockdown), this is ONLY ever by prior agreement with the teacher who must ensure that the schools' own online learning safeguarding policy is adhered to by pupils and parents and again, only when at least one school staff member is present in the session.

Q: Do we need a risk assessment specifically for these sessions?

A: No, there is no physical risk from remote sessions apart from some limited physical movement such as the occasional marching on the spot (In some of the history sessions), which should all be covered by your own regular class teaching risk assessments.