Replica Roman Chainmail

Can you answer the questions below by spinning this image and using the extra pictures?

Extra information and pictures

replica chainmail from our romans year 4 artefact box for primary schools


1. What kind of soldiers wore this chainmail?


2. How is it held together?


3. The other kind of armour that Roman soldiers wore was made of wide metal plates that covered their upper body.  Do you think this was better or worse at protecting them than the chainmail?

Answers down here - no peeking until you're ready!

1. What were full size Roman helmets called?

ANSWER: Gallea or Cassis

2. Which parts of the head does it protect?

ANSWER: All of it apart from the front of the face.

3. Many modern people don’t realise how noisy it would have been in battle as all the metal clashed 
together.  What other items that the soldiers used would have made noise?

ANSWER: Swords, spears, shields, armour and daggers.

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