About us (or rather me, Mr B :)

I am the owner of the parent company behind this website, Balestra Education Ltd. I am also a qualified primary teacher with many years of experience of teaching a variety of subjects in both state and private school settings in the primary sector.  I am also the Managing Director of Balestra Education Ltd and the creator and teacher of these virtual workshops as well as many others such as the Romans, WW2, the Stone Age, Space,  Victorian Inventions, a variety of science workshops and also safe and fun primary sword fencing, all of which can be found on these websites:

In terms of my teaching philosophy I place a strong emphasis on 'wow!' moments in my teaching in the firm belief that this is the best way to engage pupils and leave a lasting impression on them that will both inform them and spur them on to further independent learning.


I also believe strongly in the power of visual aids in the form of genuine historical artefacts, the use of high quality replica items and the use of ICT and video presentations to enhance the learning experience.


At the time of writing, I deliver workshops to around 150 different schools per year throughout the North West of England averaging between 10,000 and 11,000 pupils per year in person and many more on zoom from the UK and even more distant British schools as far away as Dubai.

Thank you for stopping by and if you have any questions please let me know.